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Dan Romlein

UX Designer UX 设计师
Dan is a UX designer at Google working on Kubernetes Engine and also an active contributor to the open source Dashboard UI. He’s been focused on designing UIs for Kubernetes for the past two years and is excited about making complex concepts clear and user-friendly. His past speaking engagements include KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Seattle ‘16, TEDx Youth, Sharatoga Techtalks, AIGA Upstate NY Chapter Portfolio Workshop, and the Albany UX Meetup.

Dan 是谷歌的 UX 设计师,从事 Kubernetes Engine 工作,也是开源 Dashboard UI 的活跃贡献者。两年来,他专注于为 Kubernetes 设计 UIs,使复杂的概念变得清晰易懂,使他感到十分兴奋。他曾在 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Seattle ‘16、TEDx Youth、Sharatoga Techtalks、AIGA Upstate NY Chapter Portfolio Workshop 和 Albany UX Meetup 聚会上发表演讲。